Autumn Haze vs. Son of Dong

Top Extreme Hardcore Movie


with Autumn Haze - 4 lucky guys

4 scenes - 598 MB - 84 min.

It's pornstar Autumn Haze versus the five foot rubber dildo monstrosity known as 'Son of Dong'. Well - to make it short: she wins :) But before we see Autumn tackle the head-high sex-toy she goes through an elaborate 'training routine'. First she practices with one guy with a not-too-big dick. She blows him, deepthroats his piece, takes fingers and cock in pussy and ass. Next she does the same with two guys with somewhat larger dicks and of course she also enjoys them both at the same time. Finally she takes on a black guy with a huge piece of man-meat and again fills all her holes. Now she's sufficiently prepared to go 'toe-to-toe' (or should it be 'pelvis-to-glans') with the mighty organ. She goes off like a rocket and in the end the monster dildo does the same and Autumn takes a sperm shower.
See for yourself the achievements of one 'fit' lady!


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